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We want the process of working with FillTech USA to be simple, enjoyable and easy. Here is how we go about getting our customer’s products from the drawing board to the delivery truck. 

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The Product Development Request

We start out by  getting to know your company and its product objectives. We listen intently to your vision for ingredients, efficacy outcomes, packaging design, label claims and marketing strategy. You can count on the FillTech USA team to make helpful suggestions along the way!  Afterwards, our initial documentation is transformed into a PDR or Product Development Request.

Whether you are launching a new product or want to continue to market an established successful line, we will develop a strategy to create a successful formula.

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A Sample is Created

Our team of scientists will source top-quality materials and formulate  a product sample after completing a comprehensive regulatory compliance and ingredient evaluation. We then send the product to the customer for review and approval.

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Sample Approval Process

Customer approves the sample and we are on to the testing and production phase!

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Testing & Ramp Up

At this stage of the process, the importance of testing for regulatory compliance and product quality cannot be overemphasized. As we prepare to scale the project, every aspect of the product is evaluated.     

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Upon obtaining all needed ingredients, we will establish a filling and batching schedule for the production run. After making an initial batch, our team will conduct further testing to ensure compliance and quality. From there, full line production of the product begins.

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We prepare the product for shipment to its destination.

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